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OG Blueberry Gummy's

  OG BLUEBERRY GUMMY'S By Edible Dee YOU WiLL NEED 2 small pots/saucepans 2 candy thermometers spoons baster sous vide gummy molds (your preference) iNGREDiENTS : 1/2 cup agar agar powder 1 cup water 1 1/4 cup sugar 3/4 cup corn syrup 1 tablespoon citric acid  1 dram blueberry flavor 6-10 drops of food color 1/4 cup Dee’s Infused Coconut Oil -or- sub un-infused coconut oil and add 1 gram decarboxylated cannabis oil corn starch as needed to lightly coat molds MAGiC METHOD : PART 1, Agar Agar Solvent : In a separate pot, make a water bath with a candy thermometer keeping the water temperature at 150°F (65°C).  I highly recommend getting a sous vide for this part as the gummy consistency is difficult to master without hitting the appropriate temperature.  If you have a sous vide, place in water bath and set temperature to 150 °F (65°C). Take your agar agar solvent and cup of water, put both ingredients in a zip lock bag.  Mix thoroughly, removing and clumps or st

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