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Hi there Happy People!  
Wishing Love and Light to you all.  I am Now starting to move All of my content to my Patreon Platform.  I'd like to build this for Every One of you Happy Chefs to Enjoy, Learn, and put in Action your DIY of Health and Wellness from my Knowledge and Experience in the Cannabis Industry and working with Plants and Fungi.  With happy additions of some of my Celebrity Friends and Patients, interviews and insight - keeping you updated on the Magic of Plant Medicine! 
There will be FREE Content and Information on this Platform for All subscribers to enjoy.  There is also Patron Only Content, Knowledge and Videos that are available to the different Tiers.
I made it so that Anyone and Everyone can Benefit depending on Your Needs and Interests in HOW TO HAPPY CHEF and WEED SCIENCE

- FREE Content (All viewers can see)
- $2 THANK U AMBER ; Entry Tier Level of articles, research, recipes shared)
- $4.20 SILVER Tier ; articles, research, recipes, on DIY "How To Psilocybin", grow videos and cooking with mushrooms. (Psilocybin videos Only available to SILVER Tier Patrons)
- $4.20 GOLD Tier ; articles, research, recipes, on DIY "How To Cooking with Cannabis", grow videos and cooking with WEED SCIENCE. (In depth WEED SCIENCE videos Only available to GOLD Tier Patrons)
- $20 PLATINUM Tier ; Combination of All Tiers + PLUS + 1:1 one on one with me The Happy Chef.  PLATINUM Tier Members Get excess to all videos, as well as a personal email from me for 1:1 guidance from me to you on making your personalized medicine.

In ADDITION to these Tiers there will be GIVE AWAYS of different merchandise, brand sponsorship, cookware, CBD hemp products, AND MORE for Each Tier!! 
I am EXCITED to get this thing cooking!  And looking forward to growing with you all! 

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- Edible Dee 


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