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DEE'S TEA - Night Blend

  DEE's TEA night blend “Would you like an adventure now or should we have tea first?”  -The Mad Hatter, Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland   Welcome to me, Dee, “spilling the tea” on tea!  Jokes aside, I look forward to waking up so that I can have my tea.  I used to be a coffee drinker and a pretty heavy one, a bit too heavy.  Working in a lab all day with a free coffee machine I would put a lot of the blame there to why coffee was then my preference.  I just enjoyed the taste so much, and with all the hours I would put in in the lab, I needed the caffeine.  It wasn’t until I started feeling something a little concerning in my chest.  My heart would feel like it was racing, beating out of my chest, with such a pain that (at times) I’d find myself gripping my chest, kneeling downwards till it stopped.  Then I did the math on how much coffee I had been consuming, it was well over 12 cups a day!  I was for certain consuming too much caffeine.  So I cold turkey, quit my coffee fix, and

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