THE HAPPY CHEF Releases Psychedelic Cookbook!!

"The Happy Chef : Delic Dishes"

Edible Dee is back, and this time adds some "magic" in the mix with her third cookbook, "Delic Dishes, The Happy Chef's guide to cooking with psychedelics" coming to earth on July 18, 2020.  Dee's reputation is known for bringing you the "never before seen" and she does it again with another first of its kind, the Interactive Autobiographical Psychedelic Cookbook of DELIC DISHES. She takes you on a "trip" in her introduction of the autobiographical portion  where Dee shares her story of how a small town girl in Virginia experiences a life changing event that led her journey out west to pursue her dreams in the cannabis industry. How she came to work with B-Real of Cypress Hill, George Clinton of Parliament Funkadelic, Snoop Dogg Merry Jane, her Netflix features, to her partnering with a Cannabis Research company, to her loosing it all, where she then, seeking natural healing, discovers the powers of some wordly psychedelic medicines. Dee hits us with the science behind some widely known psychedelics such as, Kambo, Ayahuasca, Peyote, LSD, Molly /Ecstacy, Kava Kava, and then her most prefered of Psilocybin (Magic Mushrooms) in combination with Cannabis; breaking down its compounds, benefits, and micro-dosing as she shares her journey in sections entitled "Tales From the Trip".  This book is, as well, defined as an "Interactive" cookbook including illustrations by artist @PrettyDone turning this psychedelic cookbook into both a flip book and a coloring book.




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