The Happy Chef - Coming to you from the fabulous city of Las Vegas!

AS SEEN ON #NETFLIX "Cooking On High" : 

The Medicine Woman, Witch Doctor, from the East to the West. Edible Dee gives you #TheHappyChef .  Dee shares her tips and tricks on cooking with cannabis, fungi, and other natural healing herbs and medicines, interviews with artists for the movement, and gives you "The Dee" on life in Sin City - The New AMSTERDAM!  

Produced by : Edible Dee

Featured in The Happy Chef Trailer :

- Edible Dee aka The Happy Chef
- B-Real of Cypress Hill
- DJ Turbulence
- DJ Stellar
- George Clinton & The Parliament Funkadelic
- Benzel Baltimore
- Starchild Jr.
- Nakid87
- Carnage
- Baauer
- DJ Mighty MI
- Eddie Crane acrobat of Cirque Du Soleil
- DJ High Maintenance
- DJ Kontrol 
- Chef Morajuana

Music By :  Dj Mighty Mi - "Donald Thump"
Videographer : Rob Seher

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