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So, let me share with you the story behind my collab with +B Real of +Cypress Hill on my first cannabis cookbook The Happy Chef THC including B Reals hip hop album "The Prescription".  How we met and How it all started.

Back when I was a little canna chef, I was known to the cannabis culture and community as "The Happy Chef'.  I had my recipe blog as I do now (with the same tab name), publications of my recipes in +High Times Magazine and also in the local magazines, and had my line of edibles out in collectives in Colorado and later Southern California Dispensaries.  I of course attended all the High Times and cannabis events and festivals to market and get my name out there and I got some local traction within the cannabis community that had the nickname stick - I was then and now "The Happy Chef". 

My logos for my blogs and articles over the years of THE HAPPY CHEF :




(& The Logo For my Show "The Happy Chef")

What led to this event in my life was moving to the fabulous city of Las Vegas. A close girlfriend that used to work for me at Scotty Quixx restaurant back in Norfolk Virginia and I both (at the time) were going through real life changes.  She was going through a divorce and I had just lost my sister.  Both of us small town girls decided we needed to make a big change in our lives and that ended up being a change of scenery and moving to Las Vegas Nevada.  It was there I worked at a restaurant at the strip "Todd English" part time and also worked as a booking agent for LIGHT GROUP booking different deejays and artists at the different venues in town.  Til' this day that was one of my most fun jobs I ever held in my life and also - it helped my brand spread word fast. 

Cannabis was not yet legal nor dispensaries open at this time, however - of course, brought my passion and business to sin city.  At that time I was also dating a local deejay in town and my edibles very quickly became a well known favorite amongst the artists DJ Mighty Mi, DJ Turbulence, Baauer, DJ Five, DJ BlazeDJ Brythm, some more I can't name because of their endorsements and if I forgot ya in this post (my bad lol). And ALSO I began booking and canna cooking for George Clinton and the Parliament Funkadelic and became beyond besties with his daughter and singer in PFunk Brandi Scott aka Nakid87. (love you woman) So then as it was, "The Happy Chef" - continued! 

It was November 2013, I was at a venue, Chateau Las Vegas, for a event where Too Short, Flavor Flav, & B-Real of Cypress Hill were performing for the Affiliate Group Holiday Party.  I had seen B-Real perform many times, at every cannabis convention, but never had a chance to meet him. I was with one of my deejay artists I worked with at the time, and my attorney Andrew Gordon, they insisted I brought my edibles with me and give them to B-Real.  I of course always brought them with me anyways, so I placed my AMBERS (hard candies) which were Cherry Flavor and were 50 mg a piece, in a sandwich bag and we headed out.

All the performances were of course great - took me right back to HIGH School (lol).  I was on stage at the deejay booth with my artist and Andrew, talking with TooShort.  He had just gotten done with his performance as Flavor Flav went on and I, of course, gave him some AMBERS to sample.  At that time I noticed the sandwich bag had ripped open at the seams.  So I wrapped them up tight as I could and stuck them back in my purse. 

Now for the embarrassing story. Next up was B-Real, I saw him about to enter on stage, so i went and grabbed a couple pieces of AMBERS and asked the cocktail waitress for a napkin and pen - I had nothing else to put it in. The waitress comes back with the pen and napkin and I write, "My name is Dee, aka The Happy Chef, I am an edible chef/grower , here are some samples if you are ever interested in a collab or in need of an edible chef" with my number and email.  I walked up to him right before he got on and basically told him what I wrote on the paper and he then said "oh yeah, I have heard of you." At that point I was shocked!  The convo continued and I added that I was also a booking agent for artists relations for Light Group Las Vegas and would love to book him at one of our venues.  (plug plug plug lol)  He took the paper wrapped candies and went on and did a fire performance! 

I was still at the venue with my friends and I get a text, "Hey Dee, its B.  I tried to try your edibles, but the paper was stuck too bad all over them, do you have any more ?"  I at first was thinking to myself, "I am a total idiot".  I messaged him back that I did and he invited me and my friends to smoke with him, his DJ Lenny Ducano and manager. We all blazed, got to know each other, and then B took my edibles. (he took all 4 I gave him - High Tolerance that guy). It wasn't long with us all gabbing and laughing, and me and his manager talking bookings before B asked "So what kind of collab, did you have in mind ?" I then said, "Well, I have my recipe blog...I have been thinking of writing a cookbook.  Maybe we can do a collab with music?  "Get High" music in a cannabis cookbook?...I've never seen it done."  I think when I said the "its never been done" bit that B was in! #BreakTheMoldHappyPeople 

So we "hashed" out the business part, did the cover shoot, and THE HAPPY CHEF cannabis cookbook collab including "The Prescription" album by hiphop artist +B Real of +Cypress Hill was BORN !

Ebook & Hard Copy Launched 

November 27, 2014

and also...

I got to book B-Real of Cypress Hill at his FIRST DJ gig in Las Vegas as 
DJ Dr. Greenthumb at 
1OAK inside Mirage Casino
Las Vegas, NV 

I am writing this post for two reasons.  First is I am celebrating that it's time for a Facelift for this bad boy - MORE cannabis research is now out of the last 3 years, so 4 MORE chapters are being added and currently in process of reshooting the book cover the 2nd Edition of The Happy Chef - here we GO!  And Secondly, I wrote this to inspire you all with my embarrassing story to PUT YOUR WORK OUT THERE.  I never would have thought that B-Real would have heard of me and my work in a million years!  Launch your art!  TAG your favorite artists and inspirations.  I myself have helped lift many friends and colleagues to their passions, and also continue to help people and patients with the same passion as me make their own medicine. TAG, SHARE, and COMMENT - people see you, trust me, and don't be afraid to be embarrassed -it may just work out for you. #TheHappyChef #CannabisCookbook

- Deliciously Dee




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