Valley Center for Cannabis Therapy

Valley Center for Cannabis Therapy
by deliciously Dee

"To many, it may seem hard to believe that certain properties of a plant that has been in existence for thousands of years can be so effective in treating various medical conditions, yet lack the availability necessary for patients to benefit from it.  In the year 2000, Nevada Law removed state-level criminal penalties for the use, possession, and cultivation of marijuana by qualifying patients who had been given specific written documentation by their attending physician stating that medical marijuana might be useful in treating their medial condition.  And now, 15 years later, Nevada has multiple dispensaries that can legally distribute marijuana in various forms to patients who possess Nevada Medical Marijuana Cards."

Do you suffer from any of the following debilitating conditions?

- Cancer
- Glaucoma
- Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
- Condition or treatment for a medical condition that produced cachexia (general physical wasting and malnutrition) 
- Persistent muscle spasms (including multiple sclerosis)
- Seizures (including epilepsy)
- Severe nausea
- Severe pain

If so, the physicians at Valley Center for Cannabis Therapy are here to give you your quality of life back!!!

CALL : (702) 441  - 0928
FAX : (702) 906 - 0202

I am happy to say that I have known Dr. Timothy Beckett and his beautiful wife Maddie for some years now.  They are the most amazing souls.  I make sure to stop by their facility and chat it up with our cannabis conversations, keeping each other up to date in our industry.  :) 

photos : Maddie Beckett, Dr. Timothy Beckett, Deliciously Dee, 
and Nicci of VCCT.

Working with the plant as I do and with my partner Dr. Andrea Small-Howard, I get to see every day how magical the cannabis plant really is.  As you see above is a list of ailments that cannabis provides relief and different treatments for, however one is not listed that I believe is a key one to be considered, rehabilitation. Some of you may have read in previous blog posts of mine that I lost my sister to a prescription drug overdose of methadone.  Methadone is a drug prescribed by doctors to wean their patients off of heroin.  Cannabis has been recorded as being successful at weaning patients off dangerous narcotics and benzodiazepine , benzos.  If you or a friend suffers from any of the above conditions, I strongly urge you to give Valley Center for Cannabis Therapy a call.

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Dr. Beckett, his wife and team go above and beyond for their patients and getting information out to the world. Cannot wait to see what lies for the future of cannabis research and cannabis therapy with these guys! 

photo : Dr. Timothy Beckett in Hollywood filming a promotional video about the opioid epidemic, genetic testing in pain patients, and the role of cannabis in the treatment of chronic pain.


10120 South Eastern Ave
Suite 130
Henderson, NV 89052


6803 West Tropicana Avenue, 
Las Vegas, NV 89103


2655 Bos Canyon Drive, 
Las Vegas, NV 89128


921 South Las Vegas Blvd,
Las Vegas, NV 89101

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