Holidaze Trip To BrealTV
by: deliciously Dee

As some of you know, I am from Virginia - the country, Franklin County.  I moved to the coast on the Virginia Beach/Norfolk or the SEVEN CITIES as they called it in my early youth.  During that time I met some Ohmazing people, one of whom is my good friend of over ten years, current roomate and my personal security Chris G - or as I call him Chris Fam!  

in photo : Chris Fam

in photo: Deliciously Dee, Chris Fam

Chris to put it a way grew out of Virginia, as I did, we had constant conversations on how he wanted to move west like I had done...of course I was quite the convincer.  He ended up moving here back in November 2014.  As I have been the "newbie" in a new city quite a few times I was eager to show Chris how OHMAZING Las Vegas is.  I absolutely am in LOVE with my city.  Took him out, introduced him around, clubbing, foodie spots, hiking - the works!  It came to be December and both him and I couldn't go back east to see our families.  He had just made the big move and I was swamped with work.  It was the week before Christmas and I had to go to Los Angeles to meet with my producer on upcoming productions we had in the works and I was going to swing by and see the fam over at +BREALTV  and bring them some Holidaze Dee Treats! Chris of course like many is a huge fan of Cypress Hill, so I was excited for him to meet B and the boyz! ;D

We left Las Vegas headed to LA in Chris's GiNORMOUS pick-up truck. (he often jokes on me of how I have to climb in that thing- i is a little) We were headed to BREALTV as our first stop, but B ended up calling me saying the guest got canceled, that they were all leaving, and to come by the next day.  I then looked over at Chris and asked him..."Hey, would you want to meet my friend Dr. Kay - he is a master grower of  +High Times Cannabis Cup winner - Paris OG, which is the pound of cannabis in front of +B Real on my book cover, I'll see what he is up too and we can go by there coo...?"  

in photo: Dr. Kay of Paris OG, Deliciously Dee

He of course said yes.  Now let me say this about my dear friend Chris...he is from Virginia, the first time he smoked good flower was when he moved in with me in Las Vegas, the concept of "dabs"/"dabbing" was all very foreign to him as it was for me before I moved west. I warned him, as I do any of my friends that I bring around B or my more "professional tokers" to NOT try and keep up.  I am not the one who pressures my friends or peeps to "smoke more", "drink more" CHUG CHUG... TOKE TOKE...I am a firm believer and advocate that EVERYONES tolerance is different and should be respected.  I want everyone to have a good time and its no fun for you or me if you over due it before the night is even started.  I call it "pacing like a pro". 

We get to Dr. Kay's, i do so love that man, he is a very down to earth, real MF, happy to know him and even more so happy that I got to have his strain on the cover of my Dr. Greenthumb canna cookbook.  Kay opened his door, gave me a big hug and welcomed my friend Chris and I into his home for a catch up convo and blaze! I gave Kay his Christmas gift of some chocolate effiel tower edibles I made for him. Kay thanked me, gave me a hug, and proceeded to roll a very "professional" joint.  Was the biggest joint Chris had every seen in person, equalivilant to Tommy Chong's joint in "Up in Smoke", about the size of a babies arm. Kay rolled it up with them Phuncky Feel Tips , did the puff puff pass to myself then the joint went to Chris...lets just say by a third of the way threw the joint ...you could blindfold Chris with dental floss! (lol) and also he did not take my warning on the "pacing" , he kept going and shockingly kept up pretty well.  Until Kay said, "down for a dab Dee?". Kay pulled out some Vader Extracts - Paris OG, Tangie, Trainwreck , so many and I was so medicated - hard to remember them all now. Kay and I proceeded to do ours and up came Chris's turn.  Chris told Kay it was his first time dabbing, so Kay set him up with a baby dab, Chris took it - exhaled - anddddddd got stuck! (lol) I immediately started laughing , as I do a lot at and with my friends! We were in Kay's living room during all of this, watching Chopped Junior Chef on the tele.  Dayummm those kids were ohmazing!  During the show Kay and I were talking about my book and work etc...Chris was still silent/stuck/immobile starring at the television at these kids chef'n it up- then we saw some movement. Chris grabbed his phone out of his pocket and started going through it.  Kay and I had kept watching the show then suddenly Chris got up off the loveseat came to Kay and I and said "any of these good?" ...he had been looking up pizza delivery spots for around 30 minutes! Oh LAWDDD lol. Kay just looks at his phone and says, "I got you my friend" calls up and has three pies delivered with Pineapple, Sausage and Pepperoni on them.  And, they were just what the doctor ordered! 

Now with full bellies and Chris able to move again we had to say goodbye to Kay and go find a hotel, because we hadn't yet.  

We head out end up finding one in between Kay's and BREALTV in west Hollywood. We pull up to the front, of course reeking of Marijuana.  I go up to the concierge and ask if they had any rooms available.  

Concierge - "Why we do, yes.  How long will you be staying with us?"
Me - "Just tonight"
Concierge - "Ok, let me set that up for you....ok just to let you know...this is West Hollywood, if you guys want to smoke the herb you can just go right outside the hotel.  You will not be bothered just make sure you are not around any kids.  And also we have two rooms with balconies and you guys have one of them." (he winks at me) 
Me - (while laughing) "Why thank you mister!" 

Chris and I then walk back out to park his truck, grab our bags and the gifts I brought for the boys and get them up to the room.  I brought the guys an assortment of medicated chocolates, candies, and medicated balsamic vinaigrette for B as he was very into fitness and also 100 pack of BIC lighters (always a great gift idea). We head up to the room, both of us exhausted from the travels and passed out cold.  

Next morning, I wake up still in my leather jacket (lol) it is around 8:40 a.m., I look over at Chris and say "roll some joints for the day".  Chris gets up, opens up the Paris OG grabs some +Raw Papers and then...KNOCK KNOCK- "House keeping...I immediately think, house keeping before 9 a.m. we checked in at 10:45 p.m. WTF.  I open the door, it was hotel security. 

Security - "Excuse me mam we got wind of someone smoking Marijuana on this floor."
Me - (still in my leather jacket opens our hotel room door wide) "Nope not us, do you see any smoke?"
Security - (Walks in a little ways)"Nope, thank you mam, sorry to wake you so early."
Me - "No problem guys, have a good one" (shuts the door) 
Chris - "Nope, but if they would've waited 5 minutes!" 
*Chris and I both bust out laughing
Chris - "So should we not smoke?"
Me - "Hell yeah we are smoking, they already checked our room.  We are in the clear now.  It was some other "big bad stoner"...roll that shit!" 

Chris rolls us up a pack for the day, we go out the balcony - blaze one and begin packing up and get ready to check out. Chris grabs our bags to take downstairs, I grab the edibles for the boys and the salad dressing and we head to check out.  In the elevator I noticed my arm was covered in the salad dressing I had made for B. There was a leak in the bottle cap. We get out of the elevator and I go to go to the bathroom in the lobby and it was closed for cleaning.  I then think (F it) and proceed to go check out.  I walk up to the counter...

Concierge - "Hello mam, how may I help you?"
Me - (medicated as we just blazed one and had medicated salad dressing dripping down my arm onto the floor) " Hello, i would like to check out."
Concierge - "Certainly, one minute mam.  (hesitates) Ok that will be $149 for the night and also we are going to have to charge you a $250 fine"
Me - "Fine?  For what?" (dressing still dripping)
Concierge - "We do not allow smoking in the rooms and we were informed you were smoking Marijuana."
Me - (stoned, reeking of Marijuana, medicated salad dressing dripping down my arm all over the lobby) "Excuse me, that is incorrect sir and I refuse to pay that fine.  Your security already came and woke us up at 8:30 in the morning and checked our room this morning.  Check with your security. Do you have a tissue back there? (I wave my arm covered in oil at him) 
Concierge - "I am sorry mam, but the fine is on your room."
**This is where Diva Dee comes out.
**I then see the security that came in my room in the room behind the counter.
Me - "Excuse me, yes you ...did you or did you not come into my room this morning and saw that we were not the room you were looking for?!?
Security - "Yes mam, no it wasn't them."
** I then look at the concierge with that "uh huh, WHAT, SAY SOMETHING!" face.
Concierge - "Very sorry mam, I will remove that right away.  Terribly sorry for your inconvenience and the accusation.
Me - (still Diva Dee) "I cannot believe what a horrible hotel this has been.  Exhausted, woken up having security come in my room at the crack of dawn, and fined for something I didn't do...DO YOU HAVE A FREAKING TISSUE AT LEAST DAMN! 
Concierge - "I am so sorry sorry mam.  One minute please let me see if we can make it up to you..." (he hands me a box of tissues - FINELY!)

So the end of that was, I ended up with two free nights whenever I came back to LA and a formal apology from the hotel! --- I accepted on the note of I got the same room I was in that night...you know, with the balcony. ;D

We pack up the truck , got some breakfast, and headed over to BREALTV.  I could see Chris was getting excited to meet B.  We pull up and was immediately greeted by Kenji, basically B's right hand.  B wasn't there yet so held off on presenting the gifts until he arrived and caught up with Kenji and the guys til he got there and introduced Chris to the guys.  B shows up with +Lenny Ducano - DJ, host of BREALTV, and owner/creator of +Pack Me One , both came in and give me a hug.  I wished them both a Happy Holidaze and hand B and them the gifts I had made and the mega pack of lighters - then proceeded to tell them the story of the previous night and the adventure of the dripping salad dressing. (lol)  I then noticed I had been talking a minute and said, "B, I think this is the longest time I have ever been in BREALTV without someone handing me a joint...". B replies, "Damn good point, lets fix that." B grabs one of his many jars of the finest, some raw papers and proceeds the roll up.  I whom was waiting and excited for my friend Chris, begin shifting my position so I was no longer next to B, Chris was...B finished rolling up, takes a hit and hands it to Chris...I have never seen such a big smile on Chris's face! ;D

The guests on the Dr. Greenthumb show that day were deejays and producers, +Far East Movement .  Chris and I were sitting off set in the smoking lounge with the guys, blazing and chatting it up when they arrived.  B was already LIVE on the air.  Kev Nish and Prohgress along with their manager Benni sat down next to us in the lounge waiting to be called up for their interview.  I didn't introduce myself right away as I was rolling a joint.  I look over at them and they were looking a bit nervous.  I then begin the introductions...

Me - "Hello, my name is Dee."
Prohgress - "Prohgress"
Kev Nish - "Kev Nish"
** We shake hands.
Me - (I said to Proh) "You alright?"
Proh - "Yeah, a bit nervous...thats Cypress Hill you know, I've been a fan since forever."
Me - (finishes rolling a joint) "Here you need this, it'll calm you down.  Just take a couple hits as you will be chiefing hard when you go on."
Proh - "Thank you, that may help a bit."
Me - "F yeah it will, relaxxxxx you guys are great and will do great.  I was once as nervous as you. (I reach over and grab one of my first editions of the cookbook collab with B and hand it to him) and say, "I'm the chef!" 

The guys were all like - whaaattttt! (Adam Il voice) 

Kev - "So what all do you make?"
Me - (hits joint) "I infuse Everything! (feeling a lil bad ass ish)

We chat chitted (yeah I say it backwards) for a bit longer til they were called on.  The boys went on set with nothing but smiles on there face!

in photo: Deliciously Dee, Prohgress, Kev Nish (Far East Movement)

When Proh and Kev got off, they came over to Chris and I with their manager Benni and asked what we were doing that evening.  I replied, "Nothing set in stoned".  They asked us to go with them to a local club, a deejay friend of theirs was spinning and they were going to party it up.  I also, other than a edible maker, worked as a booking agent for deejays and artists for the venues out in Las Vegas.  I actually booked B-Real his FIRST deejay gig at 1Oak Las Vegas.

in photo : DJ Dr. Greenthumb

That was my main job and making edibles was something I loved and was at the time my hobby that I enjoyed doing and making for different artists as they came in town as I was their care giver.  It was actually B Real who inspired me to do what I love for a living.  I am forever grateful of him for giving me the courage to enter the industry. 

So needless to say I was IN to check out their friend, I look over at Chris - I already knew the answer. And again Dee Life continues...

The guys were awesome!  Special treatment for lil me, the whole 9.  We get to the club, had a table...Proh and Kev drink scotch, so there was bottles of Macallan brought all night.  I didn't partake as I am not much of a drinker unless its wine and bubbly! ;D As is ....the guys of Far East were so much fun!  They introduced me around to all their friends and their deejay friend spinning.  They were introducing me as +Cypress Hill 's Weed Chef, I laughed every time. I kept having to go outside to smoke my flowers.  Chris of course accompanied me.  At one point a cop pulled right up next to me in his cop car.  I flicked the joint on the ground (guess there was still a bit of VA fear in me, lol).  I walk back in and the guys said, "Hey hey, the owner wants to meet you."  I then sat at our table talking with Chris as a he was brought over to me.  He intros himself and then pulls out possibly the biggest bowl I have ever seen and asks, "Do you mind taking a photo smoking this in here?".  I of course said, "ummmm ch'yesss!" with a smile! The clubs photographer came by and took a bunch of pics of me smoking at the club.  One of the most surreal memories of my life as I had only witnessed this kind of treatment with Cypress Hill and Snoop, not the lil "weed chef". The night was a blast and we headed to another hotel and crashed again as had another meeting in the morning with my producer. 

Next day, I go threw my Instagram and see a post that Ali Shaheed Muhammid was dj'ing at The Line hotel in downtown LA.  I asked Chris (yet again), "You want to stay and catch his set?" ---I knew the answer...

We get to The Line hotel and it was beautiful.  Gorgeous lobby and everything was "pot" themed.  They had a cafe called "The Pot Cafe", the lounge "Pot Lounge" they even had signature drinks that had stencils of the pot leaf on top. (which of course, I ordered just because) We were sitting at the bar before Ali's set, me drinking my "pot drink" , I lean and ask the bartender and say, "So, question, can I you know...go outside and smoke a j?" The bartender laughed and said, "Yeah, be mindful of other people, but the worst they will do is tell you to put it out." I thank him and head out on the patio with Chris.  There was a couple at the nearest table so we walked down a bit, sat down and began the blaze. We chatted and smoked talking about Ali Shaheed Muhammid...for those of you who don't know he is the dj for A Tribe Called Quest, which is one of my all time favorite groups. We were blazing awhile, got down to the filter when suddenly one of the hotel staff came up to us at the table we were at on the patio.  

Hotel Employee - "Hi, I am sorry miss, but can I ask you to put out your marijuana cigarette?  Even tho it smells amazing, our lobby is now reeking of Marijuana because our main doors over here are open."
**I had no idea of this.  I apologize and jokingly say, "Hey I thought I would increase the sales at the Pot cafe for you.  I wink and laugh. 

We stayed for Ali's set, which was awesome.  Lots of the old school hip hop from my days that put a smile on my face as I lip sung the majority of his playlist.  After his set, I look at Chris and ask if he wanted to stay another night.  He then, FINALLY said, "Naaa, I'm ready to drive back." ;D


Chris and I often tell this tale to friends and people we meet as the time when he got to blaze up with B Real of Cypress Hill.  His face when B rolled up the joint and passed it to him was a Kodak moment that I will never forget.  So of course, I had to share the tale with all of you, my Fam! 

For more of DEE LIFE tales of my crazy life, check back every Thursday for a new post.  I live in Las Vegas - I gots nothin but crazy happy stories of this lil medible maker! ;D


-XoXo - deliciously Dee




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