Artist Formerly Known As - THE HAPPY CHEF

by: deliciously Dee

So most of you all have known me the past 6+ years as The Happy Chef aka Chef Dee.  I am the author of two cannabis cookbooks, The Happy Chef - Dr. Greenthumb Cannabis Cookbook (ft. latest album) from my good friend
& my vegan/vegetarian cannabis cookbook 
The Happy Chef - 50 Shades of Green.  I am a canna chef featured on +BrealTV Main , +Snoop Dogg +MERRY JANE , +High Times Magazine, +Vegas Cannabis Magazine , +Toke Well Magazine, and +Elevate Magazine . I have accomplished so much in my journey and feel truly blessed for my friends, family, and all my OHMAZING FANS...with out you all I would not be where I am today and  I am honored to be able to share my passion with all of you as me - Chef Dee -- The Happy Chef.

And now after all these years, do to an unexpected event, I
am retiring the name 
The Happy Chef. 


Deliciously Dee

With my new edible lines as:

The Happy Confections

Relax With Happy

There is a chefs uniform company established with the name Happy Chef uniforms, they have sent  me and my attorneys a -Notice and Demand- to remove my URL and use of the name The Happy Chef THC as it tarnishes their clients name and confuses their clientele that they are affiliated with an illegal substance, "marijuana". 

I understand their concerns and how their company would not want any dilution of their company by tarnishing it with cannabis affiliated brand.  And I have gladly stepped down as The Happy Chef and will now use my nicknames as my nearest and dearest call me...

Deliciously Dee

At first I was so very upset!  I have been The Happy Chef as long as I have been a canna chef.  Hard to shed a name you have grown so fond of over the years.

I have been, like everyone in my industry, through A LOT to defend and protect such a happy plant.  Myself being from Virginia, I see many and meet many individuals that are against the legalization and believe it to still be, as I dislike it called, "the gateway drug".  I tell my mother often when she asks me "when are you moving back home (in VA)" (makes me tear up every time) and I reply, "Mom, I can't do what I love back home, let me finish what I started until its legal there and I will be back!" 
Just me saying that and even writing it now gets me...I'm 3k miles west of where I grew up and it is as different as night and day in my industry. There are still so many in the "bible-belt" mind frames and with me living out west as long as I have I tend to forget how much hate this plant still receives.  This journey has been a roller coaster for other way to describe it...a crazy roller sometimes you need to get off the ride because you need to have your "freak out moment" before you get back on for the even more crazy turns and drops. (that is life)
 I now have completed yet another said "freak out moment"

I am now being forced to retire the name The Happy Chef and The Happy Chef THC, with also the removal of my website, YouTube channel, and all of my cookbooks: The Happy Chef - Dr. Greenthumb and 50 Shades of Green.  This will hurt me greatly financially as I am a self published author, however what is done is done.  I have four months to unload the remainder of the cookbooks at an extreme discounted price so get them while you can as they will soon be "out of print". :(  After the four months are up, the remainder of the copies will be donated...I greatly appreciate if you comment below a good charity to donate to as I will be looking the next few months. 

Change of the name doesn't change the game tho.
I'm still a Legal Criminal! (lol)

Had to put my thing down, flip it and reverse it.  And to be honest this experience was a blessing in disguise.  I have a my NEW lines of EDiBLES 
 that I am LAUNCHING 
September 1st 2016
and it sure would've been terrible to have the "tarnishing" name on the packaging :)  

Excited to have this new project ahead.  A lot of happenings in my life.  I am happy to be one of the big kids now and have my own brand and license in Las Vegas, NV.  Feeling blessed every day.  So even tho, this is a bit of a bump on my road and it may be awhile before I publish anything, I will be still posting recipes to my blog to share with you all as well as my NEW YouTube Channel.  
So much in the works with my new lines launching and with this work, I want to tell you that I work for YOU!  So please comment, share, let me know what medicated treats you would like to see on the shelves or recipes you would like to see.  You all inspire me to do better and I thank you all so much for following my journey.  

For those like myself that are doing your part in the legalization of marijuana-- 
This Doesn't get Easier-- We just get Stronger

XoXo - deliciously Dee




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R.I.P. The Happy Chef May 11th, 2016 (retired)
(all my logos over the years)


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