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Thank you for tuning in to my first entry of my NEW BLOG entitled, "GIVING YOU THE DEE", giving YOU an inside scoop of Dee-Life of me, Deliciously Dee!  My life, to me anyway, is quite exciting.  I live in the fabulous city of Las Vegas.  My adventures in this city alone and in my celebrity circle could definitely create a sitcom. (lol) I have decided to not only share with you my crazy Vegas tales, but my experiences in the cannabis industry and the knowledge I acquire to bring awareness and better educate those on the cannabis plant. I am using this blog as my outlet to bring NEW information to my fans & readers, I hope you all enjoy! :D

GBSciences Cultivating Innovations

As most of you know, I am a Canna Chef in Las Vegas, NV and I also work out of production kitchen in Los Angeles, CA.  My place as a canna chef in the cannabis industry is geared toward proper dosage of the edible product of infusion, lab tested to create a consistency of the product for its consumers/patients. 

As a canna chef, my feelings get hurt of the improper use of the plant when using to cook at home edibles.  Many do so in the recreational purposes, to get "high", and that is ok, but for first time users it can be most unpleasant IF they are not dosed properly bringing yet still a negative outlook on cannabis.  I am for all uses of the plant, however my passion is centered toward the medicinal qualities of cannabis.  

I, along with other canna chef's, over the years have developed and perfected our formulas and recipes to properly infuse and emulsify canna oil into edible products for consumers looking for a healthier alternative to smoking.  These methods and formulas are to insure consistency in each unit so the patient is properly dosed. 

I feel very blessed to have met and begun working with a team that I feel to be pioneering the medical cannabis industry.  This team of amazing people have shown me things in which I have never seen.  In this industry I have met and seen many different styles, methods, and techniques of growing cannabis.  All methods I am partial to over others, but each method I respect -- after all 2+2=4 but so does 3+1, as some would believe "it doesn't matter how you get there, as long as you both end up with the correct answer". With this introduction I will first say that in all the grows I have seen over the years I have NEVER seen so much control of the plant - this is the science behind the plant and this is how cannabis is turned into medicine.

Allow me to introduce you to:

Part 1 - Craig Ellins

You may not be familiar with Craig Ellins, however you are probably familiar with his work. Ellins is the inventor of the PhotoTron Grow Box.  Since +High Times has been HIGHTIMES the PhotoTron Grow Box Ad, Reviews, and Articles have been circulating in every issue. I know many now Master Growers who learned how to grow with the PhotoTron 20+ years ago.

Since his original invention of the PhotoTron, that model has been through four generations of design to his current model the GrowBlox. 

Ellins currently with his team of scientists run clinical trials with cannabis actually isolating the cannabinoids, terpenes, and medicinal qualities of the plant and transforming cannabis into a safe and consistent medicine geared towards different diseases/alements : Parkinson's, Epilepsy, Cancer...

PART 2  - Dr. Andrea Small-Howard aka Dr. Drea

Their chief leading scientist, Dr. Andrea Small-Howard, writes on 
Medicinal Cannabis:Ensuring Quality

"As therapeutic marijuana enters the medical mainstream, two major challenges face producers and consumers (1) ensuring a consistent supply of marijuana with minimal day-to-day and batch-to-batch variation in the active secondary metabolites that underlie its therapeutic benefit, and (2) ensuring that this plant-based product is delivered to the consumer in a manner that is free from potentially harmful fungal or bacterial contaminants.  Defined growth conditions with controlled nutrient media and environmental parameters offer attractive solutions to these linked problems.  However, a potential tension between these two goals arises when we consider that the plant-associated micro biome may be symbiotic determinants of potency, efficacy and metabolite profile.  A cultivation approach employing cutting edge botany, chemistry and microbiology will likely hold the solutions to these challenges." 

I have so much admiration for Dr. Andrea.  She wrote her college thesis on "Cannabis as Medicine" over 15 years ago. :D

Their research and findings are pioneering the medical cannabis world.  Could you imagine you or a loved one is suffering from Parkinson's and your insurance company pays for your medicinal marijuana?  Because THAT is what their work is leading to.  

I am very happy to have met and even more blessed to be working and learning all I can from the GBSciences team.  

I will be sharing the knowledge I acquire from these happy scientists and sharing exclusive interviews and videos to help spread new findings and knowledge of transforming cannabis into medicine. 




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