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     This years High Times in Denver I have to give it up to my industry family for keeping their vibes positive while we all battled the crazy weather that weekend.  It was cold, it rained, it hailed, and apparently there was a tornado, BUT that didn't keep any of us from setting up, blazing up, and enjoying our holiday weekend! :)

Some pics of the damages...

Vader Village Stage (after storm)
Couldn't hold them down!!!! Vader took home Best Booth again this year!! A lot of admiration for these guys.  They stuck it out and made it a REAL PARTY for everyone!  Congrats to Vader & Paris OG for holding it down! 

Some had their tents fly away, some had their tents destroyed, and others had a majority of their glass merchandise damaged/destroyed.  BUT even though mother nature was not as kind as she normally is, she gave us beautiful weather on 4/20/15. :)

I was so happy to see so many familiar faces.  Got to catch up with many friends and make some new ones.  I have to say it was the people that made my High Times the best time! All my friends and fans that stopped by were all truly gifted and amazing people. I loved hearing all of their stories.  I had some chefs stop by that wanted to get into medicating their dishes.  I had patients stop and share their stories and aliments with me.  I am so happy to have helped aid you with your pain and to have met and talked with all of you. Also I had many consumers come by and sample some of my Happy Ranchers and blaze one with The Happy Chef. :) 

So many laughs that I don't need to work out my abs this week.  

One group of older ladies in particular were too adorable.  One lady approached me with two of her friends and the conversation went as such...

"My grandson is such a big fan of yours.  He asked me to make sure and stop by your booth to get a cookbook and autograph."

Happy Chef:
"Aww well thank you!  I am so glad you stopped by would be happy to autograph a book for you."

(pulls out photo of her grandson)
"Here is my grandson.  Isn't he handsome.  I came by to get him and I one of your cookbooks.  I'm going to make him one of your recipes and not tell him there is "grass" in it." (she says smiling quite devilishly) 

Happy Chef:
"Yes he is handsome...I wonder if he will look as handsome after you dose him without his knowledge. (lol) Boy I wish my grandmother did that to me."

(one of her friends approaches my booth)

Lady 2:
"Back in my day we just ground it up and through it in brownies and your book says I can make wings?" 

Happy Chef:
(smiling and giggling)
"Yup...wings, pasta, jolly ranchers."

Lady 2:
(she says while doing a happy dance)
"Well sh*t times have changed. I have a family reunion coming up in June after my granddaughters graduation.  I think I'll make some of your wings for the BBQ. (she winks at me)

Lady 3:
"Damn, I wish I had this cookbook when Henry was alive...I would've cooked from this book every night just to tune him out.  How much "grass" you have to put it in it before you can't hear sh*t?"

I laughed so hard with these three lively ladies.  They all ended up getting my cookbook and asked me to autograph them.  The first lady I signed hers to her saying: "I could see you and I getting into trouble in the kitchen :)" and to her grandson "Your grandmother is AWESOME!  P.S. Watch out" The second lady I wrote "Hope this aids you in all of your upcoming bbqs and family affairs :)" Third lady "Strong Dose for Silence ;)"

**Consider this your PSA from The Happy Chef.  If your grandmothers went to High Times Cannabis Cup in Denver...WATCH OUT and prepare to be dosed! And secondly...your grandmothers are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!**

Another occasion I had an older gentlemen (looked to be in his 60s) with a thick country accent...

"Well Dang this here is the craziest flea market I've ever been too"

Happy Chef:
(lol)"As long as your having a good time.  Did you find anything you liked?"

"Heck yeah there should be a flea market like this every weekend! (he says with a big grin)  tell me about what you got going on in here."

Happy Chef:
"Well, I am a The Happy Chef.  I medicate different foods, candies, and I wrote this cookbook."(I show him my cookbook) 

"WHAT!!! (he yells back) DORTHY...DORTHY...get over here woman!" (His wife Dorthy comes over) "Dorthy this lady wrote a cookbook with weed in it"

His wife Dorthy comes over to chat with me.

"Well you go girl! So you teach me how to make brownies and such?"

Happy Chef:
"Yes, brownies, cookies, hard candy...but I also teach you how to medicate in healthy meals as well."

"Well now...we love smoking a marijuana cigarette now and again ...helps with my arthritis and helps get this man in getting frisky (nudges her husband and smiles, then tells her hubby..) I'm going to see what dishes we can try that are bedroom friendly!"

#LifeGoals to have a relationship like these two. :) 

Between these hilarious people and my always so hilarious friends...all in all, had a BLAST! 

To all of you, I want to say THANK YOU!  
You all made me feel all kinds of happy emotions.  So many of you gave me positive vibes and such amazing words.  Thank you for finding my work inspiring!  All of you inspire me to keep going every day! This post is to share some pictures and some of my Cannabis Cup stories with you all.  Looking forward to the next cup! :)

Photos from HTCC

Goodness I loved this woman! :-) 

Donut anyone?? 

"Freeway" The Real Rick Ross +Therealrickrossradioshow , stopped by The Happy Chef booth.  We exchanged stories and both our books.  My life has been a roller coaster of events and experiences, in saying that, I'm looking forward to reading his autobiography.   

My girl TJ from Vegas stopped by...so glad I got to see her! 

This woman, Courtney aka +Courtney SheSmokesJoints , is one of my favorite people in the world! Always love seeing this beautiful and talented girl!  Check out her story and skills on all her medias as @SheSmokesJoints 

I SMOKED...Proud Canna Chef right here! :) 

Laughs and smiles with these lovely ladies. 

The Happy Chef booth location in Vader Village - We were the party! 

This joint is BY FAR...the most B...E...A...UTIFUL joint I've ever puffed on.  #ChefGotSpoiled

Fellow chef Kenny, stopped by and got my cookbook! Lots of love and success to you babe! You are an amazing soul! 

This guy with Top Quality RX blessed the chef with a joint of 7g flower, 4g shatter, 2g kief, wrapped in cannabis leaves...look at my smile! :) 

My friend Chris G_FunkTHC and I at the booth. I've known this man for over 10 years...We been through a lot together and this weekend was not only his BDAY weekend, but his first Cannabis Cup.  Never seen this man so high...for so lonnnnng. 

Had to stop at Wally World for some thermals due to unexpected blizzard...found some souvenirs PARIS OG & Vader Extracts everywhere! :)

My man Chris (behind me) and his girl Marissa flew in from VA to support me at my first cup! All two ups, two downs.  #VA #757 #540 

My friend Charlie (inventor of the Roll-Uh-Bowl).  So happy I got to spend the weekend with him.  We have been supporting each others journey since day 1! 

Loved seeing this smile on 4/20. The lovely Briana, 420 Nurses - Vegas Chapter.

Just a sign in Aurora CO that made me feel at home! 

The MCRR - End Federal Cannabis Prohibition- my post for The Movement

The remainder of the cannabis leaf wrapped joint...and I have another OCB rolled joint in hand.  

Never thought I would sign anything other than my a credit card receipt or a check book in my life.   I wrote and published my recipes to share with you all.  It has been a long journey in doing so and I felt so much love from everyone that stopped by.  Was truly an unreal experience. :) 

Miss Brownie and Myself.  Reppn my MARLYS ANGELS brand with 420 Nurses.  Hanging with these 420 Angels is never a bad experience. 

This man, Shawn, is one of the truest souls I've ever met.  He is a very talented grower in Colorado and someone I am so proud to call my friend. 

My girl Meg and I.  This girl has the best business mindset in the Cannabis World I've ever seen.  I loved picking her brain and getting goofy with her all weekend. And we were obviously caught being goof balls here. She has a Happy Cat also...we need a play date for our babies. 

And lastly I found the BEST BUDS at HTCC!  Duhhhhhh, dontcha know! 


- deliciously Dee


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