Dead Body
by: deliciously Dee

Halloween 2104, I actually stayed home that weekend and took it easy.  My new room mate (who had just moved here that past month from Chicago)  of course went out hard all weekend on the strip.  That Sunday night of Halloween weekend he went out to XS.  (Halloween was that Friday) Before he went out he asked me to borrow my costume I had made earlier (I took a pot and string and was a pot head). I gave it to him and I went upstairs to bed.  

The next morning I woke up and sparked up my morning joint and was woken up by some stumbling around in the kitchen.  I went downstairs to find my room mate microwaving some fast food with blood all over his head.  I immediately asked "are you okay? What happened?" He replied, "Oh this is fake blood...I switched costumes....I was so hammered I picked up fast food on the way home and passed out in my car." I scolded him for driving and told him to call me if he ever over indulged again and he went upstairs to bed.  About fifteen minutes later... a knock on the door.  I answered and it was the police.  Of course my house and myself smelled delicious since I just partook in a wake and bake. :) 

Police: "Miss do you know who's vehicle this is?"

deliciously Dee: "Yes I do, it is my room mate's, is everything ok officer?"

Police: "Mam, we need to talk to him."

deliciously Dee: "Is everything ok officer?"

Police: "We need to speak with him now."

deliciously Dee: "Ok -- he is upstairs asleep I will go and wake him."

I go upstairs and he is passed out cold with fake blood all over his face still.

deliciously Dee: "Hey, I have no idea what you did last night, but put on some clothes because the police are downstairs and want to talk to you."

Room mate: "Are you serious?"

deliciously Dee: "What did you do?? Yes there are police outside."

He gets up and starts to get dressed.  I go downstairs to tell the police he is coming down.

deliciously Dee: "Sorry for the wait officers he is on his way down now."

Police: "Ok (they start sighing in relief) we got a phone call that there was a dead body in that car in front of your house.  The caller said someone was shot in the head."

deliciously Dee: "Um...What...!!"

Room mate comes out with blood still on his head.

Room mate: (with his little mini pincher in hand...he thought it made him look innocent) "Morning officers, what seems to be the problem?"

Police: "We got a call that there was a dead body in that car in front of this address, just making sure everything is ok."

deliciously Dee: (laughing hysterically) 

Room mate: "Oh my (laughing) no this is just make up, my costume"

Police: "We see that (they laugh) have a good day sir." 

My room mate and I go inside our house.  My room mate and I look at each other and start laughing.  Here is a picture of said roommate.

Moral of this story.  Don't drink and drive!  Don't pass out with fake blood all over your head in your car...the police may be called and might think you are hiding a dead body! - - >

"No officers, I'm just a chef." - deliciously Dee




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