by: deliciously Dee

Where it all started...

Some of you may not know what these are.  They are Sour War Heads and they were one of the most popular candies of my youth.   At nine years of age these sour candies were a favorite of mine .  I always ended up having a bag that my parents had gotten for me. One day a kid asked for one on the school bus on the route home one day and it was my last blue raspberry one (my most favorite flavor).  The boy asked to have one and I politely said no that it was my last one of that flavor.  He then offered me money for it... 50 cents!!  (in case you didn't know .50 cents was a lot for 1 piece of candy) So I glady sold it to him, then I got asked by another kid to buy some also.  I then had a little side business (or hustle) going on on the school bus.   So I guess you can say I have been an entrepreneur before my double digits. :) I had this hustle going for awhile.  I  started making a little profit and more money to buy me more candy :) It was a win win!  

Then one day, the gig was up!!! 

This girl on the bus really wanted a sour war head.  It was my last one in the bag.  So I didn't want to give it up. She kept asking for it and raising the money she was willing to pay for it.  She ended up raising it to $5.  (Yes for 1 candy)  So....Supply and Demand right?? (lol) I sold her the warhead and went home.  

Later that same evening...

We got an unexpected knock on the door during dinner.  My father answered it.  It was that girl and her mother.   Her mom and my father ended up having this discussion in the doorway:

Angry Mom:
"Hello, I am coming here to let you know that your daughter swindled my daughter!"

My Dad:
"Excuse me?  In what fashion did MY daughter "swindle" YOUR daughter."

Angry Mom:
" Your daughter sold my daughter a piece of candy for $5...she worked really hard for her allowance to get that $5 and we would like it back!" 

My Dad:
 (turns his head, looks back at me...smiles...turns back to angry mother) 
"Well...do you still have the candy? "

Angry Mom:
"Well...no...she ate it."

My Dad:
 "Well, since she ate the candy, I can only give you half of the refund you are requesting as you don't have the product for return." 

The mom was completely speechless when my father handed her $2.50.  He closes the door telling her to have a good day, comes towards me and says, "Well thats a relief that you aren't really eating that much candy.  You owe me $2.50 by the way." (he smiles and walks away while my mother gives me the death stare)

So I text my father on the way to Denver for the Cannabis Cup telling him how many Happy Ranchers I made.   Then...it came to me...20 years later and I am still selling candy! (lol) 



- deliciously Dee

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