AMBERS (hard candy) *cannabis infused

Hi there Happy Chef's
I need your help with this video.  I made this video Public (normally they're for my Patreon Subscribers ONLY), but I made it Public so that I may get EVERYONE to SHARE it as much as possible so that my Patreon will grow!  When I reach my Goal of Subscribers I will then be able to dedicate MORE TIME, for MORE CONTENT!! SO - Help Me Grow and Spread the Word to your friends!  The MORE to Join - The MORE I Can Do For You! 
This video is dedicated to my beautiful sister Amber , whom lost her life do to a prescription drug overdose 02.26.2009, I filmed this video 02.26.20 as to do something positive on her day and share a gift to you all! 
Love & Light to you!  Don't forget to comment any and all questions. 
By the way- Only You Subscriber to My Patreon & Website get the EXACT Formula 
Which is :
236.59 grams water
250 grams corn syrup
450 grams sugar
16 grams coconut oil
8 drops of coloring
12 grams of flavor
DIRECTIONS : *Follow the video link above. (-:
Oil Tested at 76.78% potency; 760 x 4 mL = 3,040mg 
3,040 mg / 320 servings (candies) = 9.5mg a cube. 

Adult Use Doses - Take Up Or Down As Much As Needed for Your Medicine.  Message and Comment Any And All Questions.  I am Here for You! 


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