Medicine Name : AVOCADOS

Medicine Name : AVOCADOS


Its oleic acid gives you gives you brain power. Avocados contain healthy fat that your brain needs in order to run smoothly. Three fourths of the calories of an avocado also contains 4 grams of protein, higher than other fruits, and is filled with vitamin K, vitamin B9, B6, B5, vitamin C, and vitamin E12.  Low in sugar and high in dietary fiber.  

What really helps for overall wellness : 

+ Eat a balanced diet with an emphasis on fruits and vegetables. 
+ Eat more fresh foods and zero processed foods.
+ Make sure the calories you consume provide as much nutrition as possible (that means no junk).
+ Maintain a healthy weight.

Diets high in fiber and rich in raw fruits, vegetables, legumes, and lean proteins are your best bet for feeling good- Get Healthy, Got Happy! 

+ Happy Fact :  Another medical factoid - it is known that if one is under the influence of psychedelics and undergoing a "bad trip", avocados will pull you out of the bad and back to center - got happy ! (:

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Stay Healthy, Stay Happy !

- Edible Dee


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