No Orgasm? NO WAY?! - Let's Fix That!

No Orgasm? NO WAY?! - Let's Fix That!
by deliciously Dee

Why is it that woman are ALWAYS published and marketed to cater to men?  I mean I cannot go to the market and wait in line at check out without seeing a magazine with “10 ways to keep your man” “5 ways to make him hot” “Dr ______(blah blah) sexual positions garenteed to wow your man” … I mean COME THE F ON!
When I was about 13 years old I remember I was in the car with my mother, sister, and grandmother.. My grandfather had been passed for 10 years then and my grandmother never remarried.  My mother turned to my grandmother (her mother) and said “Mom, are you interested in meeting anyone?” And what came out of my grandmother I’ll never forget.  “HELL NO!  You think I want to clean up after another man, you are crazy!” My sister and I died laughing!  But now that I am in my 30s I see exactly what my grandmother was talking about.
The whole “whats good for the goose is good for the gander” has never been truly in effect.  If a woman is single and decides to “play the field”  she is looked down upon as a “slut” or “whore” …but really WHY?  Everything women are promoted as in magazines/television/doctors offices - in general SOCIETY has been shown to “sex us up” , but then when a woman embraces their “sexual side” she is shamed? We have been programmed to cater to men in every way shape and form in the form of sex appeal.  Now, this isn't a feminist post or anything of that sort.  This is just saying ...ladies don't feel shamed and to make sure to GET YOURS TOO!

I've met women, many sadly, that have actually never or are actually MARRIED, WITH KIDS and have NEVER experienced an orgasm in their lives?? I mean ...— ARE YOU SERIOUS?! 

...let us have a moment of silence for those of you ladies...

Ok - That just PROVES right there how selfish many men can be, NOT ALL - but many!  AND ALSO how many woman that are just not comfortable with themselves.  I feel that if one is happy by the way they look and feel, they are able to turn oneself on NO PROBLEM. 


You HAVE to love yourself and you have to get to know yourself.  That includes your body and what feels good to YOU.  You honestly are going to leave that for a man to figure out when we have all seen them have to ask for directions??? (come on now) They know how to turn themselves on - you damn right they do - they play with their d's every day. 

So "if" you are a woman who is uncomfortable with sex, your sexuality, OR have never experienced an orgasm ... let's fix that - shall we! :)

First - Get some marijuana. The MoRe The BeTtER ! ESPECIALLY GET my RELAX WITH HAPPY MeDIBLES! ;-) (your preference on flower) Why ?  It helps with every next step - ALL OF THEM!  And also ...ummm, do you know who's blog you are reading? 

Second - FIND A WORK OUT PLAN!  Healthy IS SEXY!  In every shape and form. Not to mention it's a PROVEN FACT that exercising increase endorphins and makes you HAPPY!  Happy people love themselves and , trust, have orgasms. SO - Find a routine you like.  I myself HATE gyms, many enjoy them, but I DO NOT LIKE working out, never have probably never will - I feel like more of a hamster on a wheel-ish, too many distractions and people interrupting my workout, whatever the reason - not for me.  So I am one of those that has to trick myself into working out. I found out in my late twenties that I very much so enjoy hiking and kayaking.  Both are excellent forms of exercise and are local easy drives living in Las Vegas - plus - wherever you are, you get to see our beautiful world. :)  I also play tennis often with friends, a lil yoga here and there at CannaYoga Las Vegas, and love love love my BootyBelt ! (ladies check out trust me) - FIND A WORK OUT PLAN!

Third - DIET!  Ok, you literally are what you eat. Every 27 days, your skin replaces itself. Your liver rejuvenates every 3-6 weeks and your stomach lining, every 4 days.  Our bodies make new cells from the food we eat. I won't get too much into this, as I have in other articles, however looking good and feeling good is 80% diet! FACT! Eat Healthy!  Not just Fat Free or Low Fat - REAL RAW FOOD in your DIET is a MUST! You Eat Shit , You Be Shit 100%! Eating healthier you actually just fell better, skin, health, looks - the works! DIET!

Fourth - Find the YOU that makes you YOU.  FUCK WHAT EVERYONE ELSE SAYS OR THE FASHION IS!  You LOVE IT, YOU OWN IT!  Colors, designs, fashions that make you look your best and feel sexy.  At purchase ask yourself, "would I do me in this?  F yeah I would!!" - BUY THAT ISH!  If you don't feel sexy in it - don't buy it! Do not feel ashamed to look and feel sexy - no matter what age, shape, color - PERIOD! Talk to a stylist if you are unsure. Stylist are some of the best people in the world - their lives are spent daily making and helping people become their most beautiful versions of themselves.  If you need one in Las Vegas : go to Mosaic Salon & Boutique and ask for Alaina.  She is amazing and also makes beautiful custom jewelry! Check out her work here -> @LainyGrace . Don't be scared to do change ups - hair , color/style. FIND YOUR STYLE!

** side note : make sure you keep this within your budget, BUT do ABSOLUTELY spend your hard earned money on yourself and SPOIL YOURSELF! * But if you can't pay your bills next month...that might not turn you on so much unless you are down to have the lights turned off and candles out in a more permeant manner. (just saying, budget)

Ok now that we have the basic new habits laid out for us.  Lets get to know ourselves. 

- Begin to feel your body, yourself, more often. If not comfortable at first - in shower is a great place to start.  You need this for multiple reasons but the main two are : self exams & self awareness.  Massage all your inner parts and outer parts , use shower head if not comfortable pleasuring yourself - study what feels good.  If you are unsure here, watching porn is a great means for inspiration. Let's face it girls - I mean if you want a man to stop staring at your tits, the best way is to maybe eat a banana!?! Porn is okay! Do not be ashamed to watch porn - sex is nothing to be ashamed of.  Plus if practice makes perfect, you can learn a thing or two from the pros - plus makes you a better lover. Another suggestion - grab a mirror and watch yourself get to know yourself.  You MUST be your BIGGEST turn on!  Also it will let you see yourself as your lover would and help you let your lover know what to do.

- Stimulants - you need at least one toy ladies.  Also a great stimulate to intense the experience is medicated sex lubricant!  If you do not have a dispensary that carries it near you - remember that weed you needed at the beginning - i have a recipe for my medicated personal lubricant for you -> CLICK HERE FOR SEX LUBRICANT RECIPE <-. 

- Learn to roll Joints - you can either enjoy one before, after, or both with a partner or just yourself! 

- Keep up this habit until you get climax and I am certain you will be doing all the above again.

- Lastly and MOST IMPORTANT - Ladies , BE CAREFUL whom you allow in your temple! We can all make better decisions, but this is key!  Don't ever feel guilted into sex for any reason and if you don't absolutely want to - DON'T DO IT!  You are in control - ONLY and ALWAYS! If you do want that particular someone - be careful , wear protection, and practice what we've learned - add the lubricant! ;-) 

Peace, now go love yourself ladies! XoXo

- deliciously Dee





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