MUST GO to CAPOS Italian Restaurant & Speakeasy (LAS VEGAS)

CAPO's Italian Restaurant & Speakeasy
5675 West Sahara Ave
Las Vegas, NV 89146
(702) 364-2276

Something about mobsters, gangsters - the 20's, prohibition always fascinated me.  Considering I am a bit of a gangster myself with my own prohibition to battle, and my serious love for food - I was very happy to find this Italian gem right off the Las Vegas strip.  As we walk into this 1920's era "gangster" mob style Speakeasy, you are - once you make it through their "Secret Entrance" #WhatsThePassword - greeted warmly by restaurant manager Ziggy and taken back in time, in scenery , music, and in your taste buds!

 Entrance to CAPO's Italian Speakeasy (Las Vegas)

The venue is simply stunning! All feels of reds and luxury surround you as a piano man serenades the guests to that if you close your eyes you'd envision Mr. Sinatra himself and the rest of the Rat Pack giving you a live performance! 

CAPO's Italian Speakeasy (Las Vegas) Lux Dining Area

Capo's, is reminiscent of Prohibition Era speakeasies'. Just recently Capo's one of a kind restauranteur , at the opulent Parisian Palace, launched owner/creators - Nico Santucci's new line of Italian pasta sauces using some very special recipes including Al Capone Family's Secret Recipes.

"The Capone recipes have been secret for over 80 years and have escaped raids by Federal Agents on Al Capone's residences and other locations.  And now, its no secret that these sauces and other specialty food products can be enjoyed by all of us thanks to Mr. Santucci and the Capone Family." - Capo's Family

I over the years have held MANY of my dinners and business meetings at this location.  Their private dining area is perfect for our team at GB Sciences to talk of "WEED SCIENCE" ventures and the portions provided by the caring and attentive staff are plentiful! 

Now to the GOOD STUFF - the menu and also some of Deliciously Dee's recommendations when dining in or taking out (Yes, they're on POSTMATES) :

I NEVER go to Capo's & NOT get the MEATBALLS ! (:

I would also suggest :

"Ma's Meat Balls & Peppers"
Capo's homemade Italian meatballs with "Capone Family Secret Sauce" sautéed with peppers.


"Nico's Caesar"
Romaine lettuce, imported cheeses and croutons, tossed in Nico's secret dressing with garlic and lemon. + Add grilled or blackened chicken breast, shrimp - OR - the "Deliciously Dee Way" with one of "Ma's Meat Balls & Peppers" on top!

If I had to pick a favorite entree, the...

"Stuffed Chicken Anastasia"
Chicken breast breaded stuffed with ricotta cheese & spinach and topped with "Capone Family Secret Sauce" & pink sauce.

- or -

"Da Don's Lasagna"
Lasagna pasta layered with "Capone Family Secret Sauce", Italian sausage, meatballs, ricotta cheese & herbs, topped with mozzarella, then baked to perfection!

Of course my culinary skills are no match for the love and heritage involved in Capo's "Da Don's Lasagna" , that Al Capone Secret Sauce is just - to die for; however I did my own #HappyRemix of this recipe I call - "The Happy Cat Lasagna". 


Myself with fellow chef, friend and owner of Capo's Italian Speakeasy - Nico Santucci.

When in Las Vegas - make CAPO's a MUST DINING VENTURE !! Not only is it THE BEST Italian Restuarant you'll find in the city of sin, it is also  GUARANTEED to satisfy your MUNCHIES! 100%

And also be sure to say HiGh to my good friend and Original Gangster - Nico
(Top Chef Nico Santucci)

Chef's, like all artists, enjoy sharing their work with the world.  Thank you Capo's for sharing with me, your dishes make me HAPPY!

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And a special thanks to :


for their contributions to make this cookbook extra delicious! 


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