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So, let me share with you how I met this legend. ;D

As I have written in previous blog posts.  As well as a licensed medible maker, I was (kinda still am sometimes) a booking agent for artists and deejays in Las Vegas.  I as well as the booking agent was and am currently many artists care giver.  

About four years ago, it was the Michael Jordan charity golf tournament in Las Vegas.  So sin city was swarming with celebs. On one of the nights I was at the Light Nightclub with my friend +DJ TURBULENCE .  We were checking out ATRAK, another of my fave deejays. Turb and I were in the dj booth, as we usually are (lol), our friend DJ Tony Arzadon was opening for ATRAK so we came to show our support.  

in photo: DJ Turbulance, Deliciously Dee

As your TRUE homies do , Turb promotes me quite a bit and so of course while in the dj booth this guy comes up to me and says, "So, I heard you are a special kind of chef?" (I laugh) "Yup, that would be me, the name is Dee." He then replied, "My name is +Benzel Baltimore ". Me - "Nice to meet ya Benzel." And we proceeded to convo...I explain to him what I do and my background, promoting my cookbook I was about to publish and such and he tells me of his background and current career as George Clinton and the Parliament Funkadelic's drummer and he had just did a gig at the Michael Jordan charity golf tournament dinner with T-Pain.  I replied, "Niceeeee, love T-Pain, who are you the drummer for tho again?" He replied, "George Clinton".  Ok, many of you may judge me on this, but I had no clue who George Clinton was. (i know)  I informed him of my lack of knowing and he was in shock and he laughed...

Benzel - "So you are a booking agent, weed chef, and you have never heard of George Clinton and the Parliament Funkadelic?"
Me - "I guess so." 
Benzel - (laughs) "Well you should look him up, in fact we are playing a gig here in Las Vegas next month.  Why don't you come to our show and maybe chef up something for us..."
Me - "Sure, I am down.  What did you have in mind?"
Benzel - "Well, what can you make?"
Me - "Anything, from infused candy to sushi...I got you."
Benzel - "Damnnnn, about wings?"
Me - "I can do wings all day!"

We continue to converse while all of a sudden T-Pain and one of my favorite chef's came into the dj booth, +Guy Fieri .  Benzel happened to know the chef, they were hanging at the Michael Jordan dinner. He goes up, shakes T-Pains and Guy's hand, says some words and comes back over to me.  I immediately say to Benzel...
Me - "Hey, I hate asking this, but can you ask if him I can get a picture" 
Benzel - "Yeah of course, T-Pain?"
Me - "No, Guy."
Benzel - (laughed well) "Aaaaaah the chef, I got ya!"

in photo; Deliciously Dee, Guy Fieri 

I got to talk my kinda chef biz with one of my fave's.  Told him how much I was a fan of his work and his restaurants in Las Vegas.  When we first got introduced , Benzel explained to Guy before bringing him over to meet me of what kind of chef I was...
Me - (to Guy) "You are definitely one of my favorite chef's, love your work."
Guy - "Well apparently you're one of my favorite kind of chefs. (he laughs) Must be the Chef's wear Blue night!"

(lol) ;D

Benzel and I kept in touch over the month as he was pitching my "weed wings" to the rest of the PFunk.  They played a gig in downtown fremont.  I ended up making 50 infused wings, half hot - half BBQ at 10mg a wing.  Their tour bus gets in and he tells me to meet them all before the show with the wings and shhhhmoke. So I packed up the deliciousness in disposable tupperware in some grocery bags and headed their way.  I get to the venue they were performing at, walk up and security stopped  me at the front...
Security - "Excuse me mam, what's that?"
Me - "Some wings..."
Security - "You can't come into the venue with that."
Me - "Umm, why?  Its one of my special recipes and its for the artists performing tonight..."
Security - "Sorry mam, cannot allow you to bring food from outside into our venue.  We sell food inside."
**We bickered a bit. Til I finally walked away.  Not really knowing how to get them in, I mean...they were only wings (lol) I called Benzel.  I explain to Benzel the happenings at the front.  He didn't know what to do either...and they were all waiting for them.  So I had to think fast...because the wings were hot, literally Fuego!(lol)  I ended up finding a tourist shop and mini mart a couple blocks away.  I purchased a mid size purse and a roll of aluminum foil.  I then took the wings out and into separate wraps of BBQ and Hot separated the wings and put them in the purse. I went back to the venue, the same security was at the door.  He didn't even say a word or stop me (he only noticed I "no longer" had the wings)  I walk in - 
- Like A Bauce!;D
And I give you the first time I cooked a medicated meal for George Clinton and the Parliament Funkadelic. 

in photo: Benzel Baltimore, Deliciously Dee

in photo: Deliciously Dee, Starchild Jr. 

I had the best time that night.  Smoke EVERYWHERE...I actually still tell everyone that that was the highest I have ever been, blunts after blunts, joints, and the wings were in my opinion, perfect and - DEELICIOUS! ;D I became educated on George and the Pfunks work and how it influenced many artists I know.  He has worked with, influenced, and performed many times with Cypress, Dre, Snoop -  those and many artists that sampled many of his beats.  Amazing to find out how much I was a fan of his work - and I didn't even know it!   Making the wings for the guys had me adding my "weed wings" recipe in my cookbook as a dedication to Benzel - George and the Parliament Funkadelic. PFunk and Cypress Hill just performed at this years Hightimes 2016 Cannabis Cup.  I was unable to attend, but my favorite B's were hanging and blazing for me...

in photo: +B Real , +Benzel Baltimore 

I keep in contact with the PFunk family. +Benzel Baltimore  and +Starchild JR  have both became two of my greatest friends now over the years.  I continue to cook for them, George and the rest of the PFunk every time they come to Las Vegas.  AND AS A MATTER OF FACT - they are in town TONIGHT!!! So I will be with the crew at Brooklyn Bowl Las Vegas, chef'n and blaze'n it up with some musical LEGENDS and amazing souls and... my fam! Be sure to check my SNAPCHAT: deliciously dee - tonight for some - behind the scenes and the performance of George Clinton and the PFunk and get ready to get 
- "FUNKED" UP !!!- & find out what Dee is a cooking!! ;D

What!?!?! (lol)

- XoXo - deliciously Dee




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