WIFI Lunch
by: deliciously Dee

"I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction.  The world will have a generation of idiots." - Albert Einstein 

The other day I met with an old friend for lunch.  An old smoke buddy who I hadn't seen in about three months.  I was excited to catch up with this person as they were one of my first friends in Vegas and they taught me a lot.  We met at first and blazed one.  Was awesome hearing how little time went by and how much with both of us had changed.  After blazing, catching up, listening to music we went to go grab some lunch.  Awesome spot, great food, sat outside and enjoyed the sun.  But right when we sat down to order my friend was immediately on the phone.  Going through their social media constantly and then on the phone for a majority of the lunch. 

This my friends is what I call The WIFI Lunch!

I look at society now and the way I look at all the bad things that happen in many situations is communication is terrible.  95% of the bad stress in my life is caused from poor communication.  How is it that technology has gotten better so that we can communicate more easily and cost efficient, but our communication is far worse?  I remember when I was getting older and allowed to go to concerts with my friends THE BEST shows I saw were when there was in a time of no cell phones.  No social medias.  No Tweet it. No check me in.  No tag me.  There were pagers maybe (if you had one). But we would meet at a "landmark"..."hey have your mom drop you off at the front entrance near the bathroom".  We would meet and then we even had a meeting place and time if we got separated. Now I go see an artist perform and it is a sea of smart phones, standing still, taking video. Does anyone even remember how to enjoy a concert? Am I that age now that I used to joke on my parents about of a "back in my day"?  I felt back then we enjoyed each others company so much more than we do as a society today.  More and more in fact now I notice and look around at others dining at their tables and they are physically in each others company, but they are both on their phones.  They may be talking at times, but NO eye contact.  Some cultures take it as an insult when you don't look them in the eye when you cheers their glass.  Shouldn't we look at it this way when others are talking to us?  I honestly feel this may forever be as technology and networking of social medias grow...

Now I am a social media user and I do think it is an amazing outlet for artist to promote their work, people to share their world with friends and family members around the world, and is great for businesses.  It gives people a voice - whether a service, blog, music, or a product.  

    However, sharing a meal with friends and family is, of course, one of my favorite things to do and unfortunately I see the "old school" way of catching up at a dinner/lunch to be exactly that... OLD SCHOOL.  I see restaurants designed in the near future with a basket at the host stand to leave your cellphones at the front door just to bring back the "classic" way of dining together.   Maybe they will start doing it at concerts too... 

One of my favorite things about smoking marijuana is the conversations.  (...yes I am one of "those stoners").  I always end up getting in the funniest and most intellectual conversations while medicated.  I also end up learning a lot either about that person or on a subject I wasn't well educated on. (I love picking peoples brains).  I also believe the more traveling you do the more you find your real self.  The more people you meet and personalities you touch the more we learn about how to survive with each other.  These types of conversations I also would rather have at lunches and dinners with friends, medicated or not.

Life is short. Time is precious. Let's talk. Let's look at each other.  Let's share this experience --not spend all our time posting it for our followers... LIVE IT! #NoWifiLunches


- deliciously Dee




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