This One Is For The Ladies
by: deliciously Dee

First, I want to say I am single.  I am single because I choose to be and WILL NOT settle just to have someone to cuddle with at night.  I am a very busy woman building her brands and cookbooks to make my difference in the world and help others.  Not much time for dating even if I wanted to as building your own brands and working for yourself is a full time gig.  I do have a type of guy that I am drawn to.  I generally go for the older ones...10-20 years older.  Yes I know some of you are like EW gross.  But from my experiences they are the only ones I can relate to and treat me with the respect that I treat them.  Also I am in my 30's (for those of you that were thinking I was some young kitten) For me, younger guys TEND to get on my nerves.  I do not know what happened to chivalry around the world with our youth, but until a glimpse of it is shown to me from a man in their twenties or thirties, I will stick to my "old men" (as my friends say).  I grew up in a very small town.  Men were raised different.  They knew how to do things, fix things, cars, worked, and they KNEW how to treat a lady! 

Now just an example:

Back in October my friends and I went to the haunted houses out here in Las Vegas.  If you haven't heard of them you should go...they are awesome.  The one we went to was Bonney Screams.  Four haunted houses, all different.  My friends I was with (are chickens) and when we were in the clown house were running and pushing so much to get out that I ended up falling and spraining my wrist. (lol wusses I thought) It was all and all best haunted houses I have been too and so much fun.  

So my wrist was sprained and I had a bad day at work, worst one in awhile.  I called my girlfriend and she invited me over for dinner.  My girlfriend is in her mid thirties and has three beautiful children ages 16, 13, and 9 whom I love so much! :) She invited me to dinner to her beautiful house that she has all on her own as a single mother.  

A lot of props to all the single moms out there, you all are so amazing and strong women!

Now the way I was raised when invited over to a friends is you don't come empty handed.  I brought a nice bottle of wine over.  My friend was in the middle of cooking dinner when I arrived,  busy slave'n in the kitchen.  Her three children, one was playing video games on his iPad, the other two doing homework.  Her boyfriend (whom did not live there) was laying on the couch watching television.  I come in go to hand my friend the bottle.  She looks at my wrist and laughs as she was one of the friends in the haunted house with me.  She then proceeds, as she is busy cooking dinner, to ask her boyfriend if he could open the bottle of wine.  
Her boyfriends reply...
 "There are three other capable people in this house that can open the bottle so I don't have to get up."  

Now, I know many of you do not know me personally, but I don't keep my mouth shut AT ALL for anyone that shows disrespect! So I proceeded.
"WOW...(looking at her boyfriend like I was going to stab him) Thank you (girlfriends name) so much for inviting me over for looks so delicious and as you are really busy in the kitchen and there are three MINORS that are NOT capable of opening this bottle of wine (I hold up my wrist in a cast towards her boyfriend)... don't worry, I guess my crippled ass will open the bottle myself since you are SO USELESS that you cannot get off your lazy ass to help your girlfriend by doing a simple task of getting up and opening a bottle of wine." 

Her boyfriend shut his mouth and excused himself out of the house and did not stay for dinner.

Now this is just ONE story of many that I witness girlfriends of mine putting up with such disrespect!  Your woman who already worked all day at her job, comes home to cook you and her children dinner, and you couldn't get off your ass to help her with a task that would take less than a minute?? 
Bravo D-BAG! 
And not even just my friends...It's a fact that most woman are just not confident and comfortable enough in their skin to stand on there own and the crap they put up with is UNREAL! For what??? To NOT be single?? So being with a disrespectful D-Bag that talks to you like that in front of your friends and/or kids is "better" than the horror of being single? HOW???
Then there is social medias and I'll see all these stupid memes of "THOT", "HOE", "SIDE CHICK", "BOTTLE RATS"...I mean really guys??? Really...young men make me laugh, because I have NEVER SEEN a man in his late forties or fifties say..."look at that THOT (that hoe over there)... most of those men don't have social medias nor care to and are respectable men that would never voice such opinions even if they had them.  


If a girl is SINGLE and wants to "play the field" SHE CAN and SHE WILL ...AND IT's OK! 
What IS good for the goose IS good for the gander! 
Also you think if a single woman sleeps with you that "you the man" "you gots hoes" well let me say something to that...
"IF" the girl you are about to sleep with has matching BRA and PANTIES or NO PANTIES, it was HER THAT DECIDED TO HAVE SEX!!! (FYI) 

And also consider yourselves lucky guys.  Us girls, really don't have to try AT ALL to get "lucky".   So if a girl makes up her mind to give you her a MAN about it! RESPECT is the greatest gift you can give anyone and unless someone disrespects treat them how they treat you.  Be sure you give it to those goodies - Oh and for the "bottle rats" comments...I wish at least one guy would actually see this and admit to it as just being pure jealousy!  So what...girls get a perk of getting free drinks at tables when we go to the clubs.  Guess what guys...have you EVER thought about what a club or bar would look like with ZERO WOMEN in it?? Why do you think we get taken care of so much...its mainly for you guys!  And saves you guys money...and you are complaining and making up horrible disrespectful names for women, probably because one of those women shut you down  (aww poor baby), when that woman is just trying to be single and get theirs too. Clubs know this and are smart about it.  Clubs keep the girls happy, treat them with class, then girls come to the club, AND then you "guys" stay! (most of you boys don't think about that).  Or HOW ABOUT... I don't drink, neither does my best friend that I usually go out with.  When you see me in a club I am normally high :) with friends that are in town or with an artist friend of mine that is performing and I am showing my support.  

Now you may see my girlfriend and I dancing and in a club.  
What you DON'T SEE is how many times my friend and I get GRABBED, HARASSED, TOUCHED...I have had guys just grab my ass and or try and put their hands up my skirt ANY and EVERY night we go out, we deal with this ALL the time! And guys do it as "its Vegas", "they can", or they are just perves that we have to have KICKED OUT of the owe so expensive club they just paid to get in.  BTW this happens in ANY city or town...not just Vegas. Also please don't use the excuse of "well she dressed like that""she asked for it" (Really?)...This happens even with a crop top and long pants on boys.  Also HOW a woman is DRESSED does NOT give ANYONE the right to TOUCH what is not theirs.  Didn't your mothers ever teach you to keep your hands to yourselves??   What if some douche grabbed your mom...or sister? 

Disrespect at its finest for all us ladies.

Society has taught women that you must appeal to the "IN SEXINESS" ...the "whats HOT".  Back in the day it was Pamela Anderson and having LARGE breasts.  So in turn, us women, to appeal to what societies "men" deem sexy we get surgeries to make us top heavy.  In doing so creating a maintenance of keeping your augmentations "perky" and adding back pain and costs of our bras to go up! Now the "IN SEXINESS" is a BIG BOOTY, thanks to Kim Kardashin. So NOW we have more and more women getting butt injections and fake asses.  


Most of the "men" deeming these qualities in a woman are NOT men!  They are shallow that look at a woman ONLY based on their looks.  Looks fade!! We age...its inevitable! But ladies take a look at these oh so judgmental boys...most have big old guts, are over weight, not a good job, may still live at home..and you care if they find you attractive? They are some prize?

I have zero problem with women changing their appearances for "themselves" as in for "their" confidence..NOT for others.  The IN thing will be: skinny girls one day, fit girls, curves the next, if ALL of us looked the same that would be boring!  Think if there was just ONE flavor of ice cream...wouldn't that be horrible?? We are all different.  And thats the way it should be.  Women ALL around need to know this and SPEAK UP!  You rarely hear of any statistic of the "IN SEXINESS" for men is a for men to have a BIG BOOTY and have thousands of men rush to spend their hard earned money on a fake you? 

So ladies...if you have a crush and you are not his type of ice cream, MOVE ON!  There is plenty of fish in the sea.... billions in fact! Also your tastes will change!  What you found to be appealing or your type of ice cream in your twenties is a far cry of what you will be attracted to in your thirties.  I can promise you that.  So if you are "Rocky Road" flavored ice cream...I GUARANTEE you will find a man that YOU ARE his favorite flavor! I have been saying this to all my girlfriends...time is DON'T NEED TO and SHOULDN'T SETTLE for anyone less than what you deserve! (this goes for men & women) Concentrate instead on building the best version of YOU!  Perfect your own flavor.  You cannot rely on anyone else to make you happy AND you cannot make another one love you IF you do not love yourself and believe in yourself FIRST! No one NEEDS a boyfriend/girlfriend!  What you should WANT is a PARTNER.  A best friend that builds you up and believes in you.  Keeps you going, even when you want to quit.  Someone that goes hard for themselves and their work so that you guys can build a financial capital together.  I am over witnessing people belittling their significant others.  If you are in a relationship like that, best to just get out and get out NOW before any more time is wasted.  Trust he is not the one for you.  

I am NOT writing this post to be feminist or downing all men.  Just stating a fact of the vast majority of young men actions on the prawl. I know there is many GREAT MEN out there.  And sadly the 
d-bags are making it harder for women to see you. Keep being you and your flavor will see you, promise! :) 

I consider myself to be "Key Lime Pie" flavor ice cream, sweet and sour (lol). I am single and HAPPY to be that way until I find a man that goes hard for himself, treats me with respect, and is ALL about Key Lime Pie ice cream!  Until I meet him I will remain single and work on perfecting my flavor.. i.e. MYSELF. 

P.S. THANK YOU to ALL those Amazing Respectful MEN out there that their momma's raised them right. XoXo we see you! 


If you have a friend that you believe needs to read this repost and share. Everyone needs the reality check that they ARE AMAZING!

Please comment and share.  I would love to hear your feedback and opinions. 


- deliciously Dee


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