by: deliciously Dee

*First let me say if you are related to me, do not read this post.

Did you know cannabis enhances an orgasm? (of course you did) ;-) Canna infused topicals and the more personally intimate sex lube are starting to get more attention for all sorts of needs.  So, if you eat organic food and use organic health and beauty products, why shouldn't you continue to use organic and natural products on you and your lovers bodies in the bedroom?  

My canna infused, all natural, personally intimate sex lube is a fave amongst friends,  patients of mine, and myself.  In saying that, I will repeat:

* If you are related to me, do not read this post. 

what makes a good personal lubricant?

- Something that will not dry out. Water-based lubes generally have that problem. They evaporate, and you are left with gummy, sticky junk that does not add to the fun you are supposed to endure during sexy time. 
- The most important feature of a personal lubricant is that it works for you and your partner.  Make sure that your lube is compatible with your method of contraception.  This means no oil for latex condoms and no silicone for diaphragms and cervical caps.  
- A good lubricant should contain no chemicals.  Here is the ingredients listed on a popular lubricants label: 
water, glycerin, hydroxyethylcellulose, gluconolacctone, cholorhexidine gluconate, methyparaben, sodium hydroxide.  
If you're not a chemist you may not feel at ease on that ingredients list.  One fact to know of one listed: "chlorhexidine gluconate", it is an antibacterial. Now even tho "antibacterial" sounds like a good thing, what it does is it kills all your healthy (vaginal) bacteria.  Knowing that and just reading the other ingredients...still desire to put that up yourself?

why use a lubricant at all?

Any time you are using a condom, first of all, absolutely, no question.  Condoms even when lubricated, do not have enough lubricant on them to prevent breakage and that is the biggest reason the condoms fail.  

When a woman is aroused, there is an increased blood flow to the vaginal walls, which stimulates the production of discharge.  Estrogen is the primary hormone that allows blood flow.  Some women do not produce enough moisture to provide their own lubrication.  Particularly women who are breastfeeding, using oral contraceptives, or are post-menopausal have a paucity of estrogen. 

I have below a recipe for canna infused coconut oil lubricant for those who would like to take an all naturALLL route and "do it yourself". 

by: deliciously Dee


*to make one 4oz bottle.

- 108 grams coconut oil 
- .2 grams finely ground CANNABIS 
- Essential Oils: (optional) 5 drops of ylang yang 
                               *if adding peppermint only use 2 drops
* depending on THC% and CBD% cannabis you are using the potency of your lube will be around 15mg-25mg potency .


- small slow cooker/double boiler
- metal strainer/cheesecloth
- container of choice (mason jar) 


- In a small (dip size) slow cooker or double boiler pour your coconut oil in on low heat.  Add finely ground cannabis. Cook on low heat for 1 hour. Strain plant matter from oil into storage container (mason jar). * You may want to do this multiple times. 
- Once all plant matter is removed add your essential oil(s) of choice.  Shake well.  
- Store until ready to get intimate with that special someone...or yourself ;)

Why coconut oil lubricant...
*If you use latex condoms DO NOT use coconut oil lubricant with them! 

Coconut oil lubricant, rather straight or doctor it up a bit, you know exactly what you are putting on your skin and into your body. It is anti fungal and antimicrobial, so it will not put you at risk for yeast infection.  It will soak into dry skin, but it leaves no sticky residue and in general will keep you lubricated enough.  If not it is easy to apply more. ;-)

Adding essential oils:

The vagina is a mucous membrane and very sensitive so you want to be careful.  I only use pure, therapeutic grade oils that are listed as safe for internal use. Always start with less oil and add more if you feel necessary. Remember a little goes a long way.  

My favorite oil to add is ylang ylang.  This is a relaxing oil that has been used to support normal hormone and promote libido.  I add this to every batch of lube I make. 

There are certain things that you should never let touch your vagina.

Stay away from chlorhexidine, the ingredient noted earlier in this blog. Also anything that causes a warming or cooling sensation because they can irritate the skin. That would include menthol, peppermint, cinnamon, capsaicin.. when used repeatedly it can lead to terrible long lasting skin irritations. The warning label says, "Keep out of reach of children and away from eyes and ears. "  Sound advice, but here's the thing:  If you can't eat it, don't put it inside a different mucous membrane.  The vagina is incredibly sensitive and will readily absorb whatever you put in it.  This is how you get toxic shock syndrome:  toxins being absorbed into the blood from the vagina.  Keep your vagina healthy by avoiding sticking anything you wouldn't swallow up there. (sorry, I had to use the word swallow, lol).

Happy Note: Many people do enjoy using peppermint essential oil to create a tingly lube - if you are one of those individuals, just 2 drops per batch in this case.  Peppermint oil is much stronger than ylang ylang oil.  Too much could be a really cold mood killer. (about 1-2 drops to every 109 grams (1/2 cup))

Poison ivy is natural and you wouldn't want to put that on yourself. Just like some of us are allergic to certain foods, some of us are sensitive to certain natural plant products - and may i add the last place to put those products is on our genitals. **A good tip is to always test the product before using it, place a little dab (yup dab, lol) of the lubricant on the skin on the inside of your elbow.  Then wait a few hours to see if you have a negative reaction.  If your skin gets red or itchy, DO NOT USE THE PRODUCT. 

Ever made your own sex lube? How did it go? Let me know below!





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