Illegal vs Legal
by: Edible Dee

Truth is there is no other drug that has, in legalizing, been called "The Movement". Why is it called "The Movement"? Why are there so many doctors, celebrities, and patients fighting to have marijuana legalized?

Cigarettes do absolutely NOTHING good to you and are proven to take years off your life, cause severe health problems, and maybe end your life. But yet, at the age of 18, I can go to the local market and purchase a pack of cigarettes with no judgements. They have been called "cancer sticks" for years and are proven to cause cancer, yet our country still sells them? And then there is alcohol. No one will question an individual if they "had a bad day" and want to grab a drink at the nearest bar, but alcohol contributes as one of THE top causes of deaths in America. Rather by alcohol poisoning or driving under the influence (DUI). Most people don't actually even think of alcohol as poison, but that's actually what it is in extreme doses. This is why, when you overdose, it is called alcohol poisoning. So it's cool to ingest poison? Alcohol contains ethanal which we also put in our gas tanks (doesn't that sound awesome to put in our body). Ethanol (alcohol) is a psychoactive drug that has a depressant effect. Alcoholic beverages can be addictive, and the state of addiction to alcohol is known as alcoholism. Isn't that a huge problem in America? And yet society has made it a tradition to share drinks with friends, family, and co-workers in extreme excess. There is even holidays dedicated to drinking like St. Patricks Day, New Years Eve, and the Fourth of July. Alcohol is also the only drug that causes harm to every organ in your body. In fact, half the cancers of the esophagus, larynx, and mouth are linked to alcohol. Did you know that? Excessive and prolonged consumption of alcohol can cause heart disease, high blood pressure, and irregular heart beats. Prolonged alcohol abuse can erode the stomach lining and cause chronic blood seepage into the stomach. Alcohol also causes harmful effects to your liver and kidneys. The job of your kidneys is to regulate water, hormones, and acid base/minerals (calcium, sodium). Alcohol compromises the balancing function of your kidneys and thus causes kidney failure if you over indulge. Liver, kidneys, heart, reproductive organs, brain, ...the list goes on.

Now, I am not against alcohol. I, personally, only indulge in drinking wine (no liquor, no beer) and I enjoy sharing a glass or two with my girls. Also sometimes I like to wild out with my friends, not often but occasionally. I try and keep a healthy balance. My argument isn't to be against anything that is already legal and consumed. But you have to ask...why is something that doesn't "do the body good" legal? And in saying that...why is a plant that has been PROVEN to have healing capabilities illegal? It has ZERO LOGIC! None whatsoever! There isn't a debate I love more then the "it's a drug" and "it's illegal" arguments. If you believe that... then open your eyes America!! Look what is legal...Cigarettes do NOTHING to you but kill you and then how about poor diet? Americas food is banned in 30 countries, THIRTY COUNTRIES, but it's legal in the U.S. of A, isn't it? I grew up in a small town where we had a farmers market that we would buy fresh grown vegetables, we got our milk from Bergies Dairy (a dairy farm) and we actually had a relationship with our butcher. Times have changed. If you want more insight on where your food comes from there is a documentary called Food Inc that everyone should watch. We all have a right to know how are food is being processed before we put it in our bodies. The animals, the farmers...disgusting how they are being treated. Now lets go back to alcohol. Alcohol causes 1 million deaths a year yet is very welcomed by society at every special occasion. And then there is Marijuana. Marijuana has caused zero deaths EVER in history, is given to cancer patients by their physicians to help with ailments and people really think that its bad for you?? If you believe that... I will tell you what I told all the others, your argument is INVALID! And Zero Deaths beats Zero Logic HANDS DOWN and NECK UP!

In my line of work I always get into the "it's a gateway drug" or "smoking weed is bad" debates. The first "drug" I saw wasn't marijuana nor was it the first "drug" I tried. The first drug I tried was sneaking alcohol out of my parents liquor cabinet (sorry mom & dad lol). And the first drug I saw was someone smoking a cigarette. Yes I believe that smoking cigarettes is terrible, you are literally paying for something to kill you slowly. BUT, they are still sold. And with that fact right there I see no reason why a pack of 20 joints sold in a pharmacy is SO MUCH WORSE then a pack of cigarettes that are so easily obtainable. Yes marijuana is a "drug". So is aspirin. There are a lot of cases of people who have overdosed on aspirin as well. So...I'll tell you...I personally do not use aspirin and choose not to because overall when I choose a medicine... I'll choose the one that is safer.

So... which would you choose?




- deliciously Dee


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