20 Ways to eat Healthy on a Budget
by: deliciously Dee

Most think that eating healthy is expensive.  I'll be honest...it is. From a girl raised in farm land I have come to realize that growing your own food is growing your own money.  Eating healthy is important!  Eating healthy lowers disease risks, increases productivity, gives you more energy, and also certain foods are known to aid with different aliments.  There are some tips and tricks to spare your checking account in keeping a healthy grocery bill at low cost. 
Here are 20 ways to eat healthy on a budget!

Before we begin, let's define healthy food.
What is considered Healthy Foods?

• Water. 1 liter per 1000 calories you expend.
• Fruit. Natural sugar and full of vitamins.          
• Vegetables. All kinds, especially green fibrous veggies.
• Whole Grain Food: Pasta, Rice, Oats.
• Protein. Needed for strength.
• Fat. (yes there is healthy fat) A balanced intake of Omega 3, 6, 9

Now your Tips & Tricks.

1. Buy in Bulk.

For those necessity items (toilet paper, paper towels, soap, etc) It is wise to purchase those in bulk.  It will cost you a lil in the beginning, but saves HUGE in the long run.  In this day in age you don't even need to be a Costco or Sams Club Member.  +Amazon.com  is everyones best friend.  One can easily go to the store and buy 6 rolls of TP for $4.99, for 6 rolls?  How long will that last.  Online buying saves time, gas, and dollars.  You can buy 80 rolls of 3 ply TP for as low as $42 dollars. Say Whatttttt!! ;-)
At $4.99 for 6 rolls of TP for 78 rolls (13, 6 packs) you would spend $64.87+tax
Some of you may be like "its 20 dollars"...trust it adds up!
Same goes for all other necessity items.  I have shopped around for the best prices for quality and provided links below.


2. Water

For those of you who drink soda like it's water. STOP!  There is NO substitute for water.  Our bodies are made up of about 70% water.  I can not stress on the importance of consuming your daily H2O intake.  Soda/Pop whatever you call it is loaded with artificial flavoring and massive amounts of sugar.  There is nothing healthy about it, so it is best to cut it completely out of your life. Invest in a reusable water bottle and take it with you everywhere. It's healthier and cheaper.

3. Consume Tap Water

Ok, I may have lost a few of you here, but listen to the facts.  Look at the price of bottled water then check the price of water on your water bill.  Pretty big difference isn't it? So why are you buying bottled water?  If you think it is better taste, it is not, it is a matter of adaptation.  Do you think it's cleaner? Not hardly.  Bottled water companies get there water supply from municipal water systems, just like we do.  It's like selling ice to Eskimos.   It is ALL BRANDING!! Look at the ingredients of these oh so "healthy" water bottles. The only ingredient in a water bottle SHOULD BE water, but alas some of them have most appealing ingredients as ...


So as I was saying.  Use Tap Water.  If you are questioning the quality of your tap water, filter it yourself.  I have a Brita Pitcher.  One $5 filter (yes I buy on Amazon) will filter up to 40 gallons of water. 

4. Stick to the list.

Make a list of what you need for a solid meal.  Go to the grocery store.  Stick to the list...and then GET OUT.  Do not go grocery shopping hungry or medicated (high).  The munchies will take over and you will walk out the proud owner of aisle 4. 

5. One Stop Shop.

Time is money. "This grocery store is cheaper for veggies","This grocery store is better pice for meats".  I understand if you are looking for a particular food that may not be at the normal grocery store you shop at, but how many grocery stores are you going to go to to find the cheapest food? Save your gas and don't spend your entire day collecting all the items on your grocery list.  I shop for the majority of my list at the grocery store nearest my house. 

6. Coupons.

This one is pretty self explanatory, but is as true as it gets.  I find that clipping coupons to be fun and also can get you out of the normal eating habits.  Seeing different foods on sale with a coupon allows you to go out of your eating comfort zone and to try new recipes. "Oh look Brats buy 1 get 2 FREE, I can find a nice recipe for that".

7. Buy Generic.

It may not look very attractive on the packaging, but I guarantee it is more attractive to your check book. Brand-name food is always more expensive.  You ARE paying for the name.  Food is food. Go generic.
8. Canned Tuna.

Tuna contains as much protein as meat, is healthy, and cheap.

9. Eggs.

Eggs are full of vitamins, high in proteins, and low in price. (there is normally coupons that come in your weekly paper delivery)

** Do not believe the cholesterol & eggs myth.  Dietary cholesterol is not bound to blood cholesterol.

10. Fatty Meats.

Fatty meats are more tasty than lean meats and better for your wallets.  Don't be deterred by the term "fatty".  Fat doesn't make you fat, excess calories do.

11. Whey Protein.

The cheapest source of protein.  Nothing beats it.  Using whey protein as your post workout 
shake will aid in recovery. 

** Alternate Tuna, Eggs, Fatty Meats, Whey, and Chicken for a healthy source of protein intake. 

12. Frozen Vegetables.  

Frozen vegetables can be bought in bulk at a discount and stored in your freezer.  They take less time to prepare and they don't go to waste if not eaten in time.

**If you can afford fresh veggies, DO IT.  Fresh is BEST!

13. Fish Oil.

Fish oil contains Omega-3.  The benefits of omega-3 consumption are lowered cholesterol levels, reduced inflammation, and decreased body fat.  You need to eat fatty fish 3 times a week to get those benefits which can be costly and time consuming. One teaspoon daily of Liquid Fish Oil is all you need. 

14. Multivitamin. 

 Unfortunately the pesticides used on our food lowers the vitamin levels of those fruits and vegetables.  You have two ways around that:
1. Buy organic food= Expensive
2. Use a multivitamin. Years supply for less than $20  
(remember what I told you about brands when choosing one)

15. Pack a Snack. 

Do you ever add up how much money you spend eating out at lunch during your work week.  Cost adds up! Start preparing your meals for the day on waking up. It saves you money (a lot of it), lowers the stress of what you are going to eat that day, and getting into a habit of waking up earlier , make your healthy breakfast and while those eggs are cooking, make your lunch for the day.

16. Eat Less.

Even tho this one seems obvious, but the fact is Americans tend to eat way too much.  Our portion sizes are gargantuan compared to other countries. If you are overweight, get on a diet, don't wait for "oh after the weekend" or "my new years resolution"..do it NOW, TODAY, in the PRESENT.  Your health & bank account will thank you for it.


They call it "junk food" because that's what it is, JUNK!  STOP BUYING ANYTHING THAT COMES OUT OF A BOX.  It is both Unhealthy and Expensive.  You may be thinking "actually it's not that expensive".  Think longevity as in health implications.  I personally blame all of our health problems by what they are doing to our food.  We are consuming unnatural substances in our natural bodies.  
To quote the legend Bob Marley, "If it's not of this earth, it's not of your worth." 

18. Grow Your Own.

This goes back to what I said in the beginning...
"Growing your own food is growing your own money."  
As is growing your own herbs for seasoning and...
Growing your own Medicine, Cannabis.

There are many inexpensive techniques to growing your own.  
I prefer the AeroGarden and the Mason Jar Herb Garden Technique for my herbs.
*Y'all know I love mason jars. ;-)

The sizes vary for both and in my opinion go wonderfully for any kitchen decor.

 (photo above: AeroGarden)

(photo above: Mason Jar Herb Garden)

Not to mention they make your kitchen smell OHmazing even when nothing is cooking.

Now to growing your own meds.  
How much are you spending on your medicine?
I tell you what this part will save you A LOT!
Check out some Portable Grow Boxes and SAVE NOW and grow your own medicine. 

(photo above: www.supercloset.com)

Above photo is one, I know quite large and not suitable for most homes, there is many different sizes, find the size that is best for you.

**Also: It is proven that growing your own plants/herbs is therapeutic and relieves stress.  Talk to your plants, they need the carbon monoxide from us and I guarantee you can trust your plants not to share your problems with the world.  A private life is a Happy Life. 

19. Ask the Guy behind the Glass.

You ever wonder why fresh foods and meats at the grocery prices are lower than other times...it is because of there delivery.  Everywhere is different.  But a good tip is ask the guys behind the counter.

These guys are the ones to ask.  They can tell you what days are the best days to buy produce and meats per there delivery schedule.  It is normally weekly.  
My "savings day" is Tuesdays. ;-)

20. Follow 1-19.

By making what I have listed a routine I guarantee you will save on groceries by half of what you are spending now.  

If you found this information helpful, PLEASE SHARE.  In this economy there are many that are having difficult times and need a few tips to help save.




- deliciously Dee


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